Trash Day Treasure

6 Jun

Today is trash day in my neighborhood. Somebody threw away THIS:

Spike checking out my new chair

I don’t normally take other people’s trash but if I didn’t take this chair one of the many scavengers that troll the neighborhood on trash day surely would have snagged it. Despite the hideous faux-damask spill-proof vinyl upholstery, I immediately saw the possibilities for this chair. The early Sixties Mid-Century-Modern chair frame just screamed “Reupholster me!” The solid-wood frame is sturdy and the padding is still firm. It’s actually very comfortable. All it needs is new fabric.

Vinyl damask?

I don’t have to buy new fabric for it because I’ve got a large stash of fabric that I was saving to make pillow covers with – one of many crafty projects I’ve been meaning to take on but haven’t gotten around to yet. I’ve been looking at blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube for tutorials on DIY reupholstery to get some much-needed guidance.

I’m going to use this chair to go with my desk – a Paul McCobb Planner desk that I scored in an antique shop in Essex for way less than what Paul McCobb would usually go for anywhere else except coastal New England. It had already been painted white, so I didn’t feel guilty about giving it a fresh coat of high-gloss white paint. I can paint this chair white without guilt too.

I’m looking forward to my first attempt at DIY reupholstery. It will give me a chance to break out my seldom-used sewing machine. If it turns out well, I might scour my neighborhood more on trash day in search of reupholstery projects.


4 Responses to “Trash Day Treasure”

  1. astimegoesbuy June 6, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    Nice find!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. Stacey June 17, 2012 at 2:00 am #

    Hey Marilyn! Just wanted to visit and blog stalk you a little! Hope you don’t mind. I really appreciate you visiting my blog the other day and following. I like meeting bloggers who take the time to follow… I’m really grateful! It looks like we enjoy a lot of the same things.
    Lets take this chair for instance. OMG, a real gem. It’s gorgeous.. and you’re right it just needs some refinishing and upholstery love and you’ve got an amazing piece! I have no idea how I would have furnished my home if it hadn’t been for people throwing out their “stuff”. Glad you are rescuing and I’ll ooooo and ahhhh, no doubt, when you’re finished. FUN! Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to following you as well!

    • thoroughlymodernmarilyn June 17, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

      Thanks Stacey. Thanks for visiting. I love your blog too, and your house! You’re really lucky to have been able to do most of the renovations yourself.

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