Save a Sato

23 Jun

Spike looks like he’s enjoying himself.

Today was the Sato Social at the animal shelter where I got my dog Spike three years ago. Sato is the Spanish term for the street dogs that populate Puerto Rico. Most of them were once household pets who were abandoned by owners who simply didn’t want them anymore. It’s a huge problem in Puerto Rico, but thankfully there are several organizations and countless people who rescue these dogs and fly them to the United States. In America they are placed in no-kill shelters to await their forever homes.

The Sato Social is an annual event where owners of rescue dogs mingle with each other, with the shelter staff and volunteers, and some of the rescuers who came from Puerto Rico just for the occasion. It was nice to be able to say “Thank you” to these dedicated animal lovers.

The day started out rainy, and we were concerned that the social might be postponed, but the sun came out at the same time that the social started, so the party went on as scheduled. Spike mingled with others dogs and their owners. He looks like he’s enjoying himself.


Baxter, a really sweet dog with severe neurological problems. His owner assured us he was happy and not in pain.





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