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Today’s Pyrex and Corning Ware Haul

8 Jun

I went to a local consignment shop today. The owner acts as a middleman for the many different dealers who sell under its roof. He also sells their stuff for them on eBay – just like the “We Sell Your Stuff on eBay” store Katherine Keeler’s character ran in Forty Year Old Virgin. The store had a fair amount of Pyrex, but prices were all over the place. I purchased a few choice items and left behind the overpriced pieces.

None of the prices were exactly bargains, compared to thrift stores. Still, I managed to get a complete set of four Pyrex Cinderella nesting bowls in the Shenandoah pattern (above and below) for less than one dealer was asking for a large Pyrex mixing bowl alone.

I also found a Pyrex turquoise covered casserole with clear lid with scroll design. I don’t know if this piece has an actual name. Searches for it on Pyrex blogs and etsy reveal identical items but no one has a name for the pattern.

I also found two Corning Ware Avocado Round casserole dishes. The larger one is missing its cover, but it would make the perfect mac and cheese dish.

And last but not least, I found two more Pyrex mixing bowls. The small Butterfly Gold 1 pint bowl is in excellent condition, the Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy Cinderella bowl, not so much. It’s faded and a little scratched, but I have a few other pieces of Spring Blossom so I couldn’t pass it up.

The grand total for all of these items was just under $50. It’s more than I would have liked to pay, since I can often get Pyrex for much cheaper at thrift stores, but I really wanted to add these items to my collection. And as luck would have it, the lady in line behind me at the checkout counter told me about a yard sale she and four other families on her street are having tomorrow. She said there will be lots of housewares. I know what my plans for tomorrow are.